Website and Blog Design, Development and Hosting

Website and Blog Design, Development and Hosting

Do you want to create a cost effective website for your business but don’t know where to start? Does your site need an overhaul or upgrade? Do you want to create a personal blog or a site for your boat? We can provide you with a cost effective website solution at a fraction of the cost of digital marketing agencies! We can design you a logo, set up your site, give you email and hosting services at cost effective prices. Our managed hosting service looks after the technical requirements and keeps your site running. We create graphics for your site or other offline purposes.

We design to your taste – you choose how you want your site to look and what “gadgets” you want to use. You choose your colour schemes and the general look you like – from a simple one page site for a small company, to a multi-page site or a newsy looking blog. We can also add integration to other cloud applications if you need them. This could include set up of card processing, online reservation systems for travel businesses, appointment bookings, online shop, email marketing, customer management systems, contact lists, online chat – whatever you or your small business needs.

In addition to a cost effective website, VBC also provides a full back-office service. Do you need smart email services? Don’t have a clue about site security? Cloud storage of all your documents so you can access them wherever you are? Telephone systems which follow you wherever you go? If you think your business can’t afford all the tools to run your company in the cloud, then think again!

Just a few of the many services Virgo Business Consulting provides to small businesses, boats and individuals …..

Small Business Coaching and Support

Small Business Coaching and Support

Kismet Services provides small business coaching and support services to a range of small companies. We spent more than 30 years running our own successful companies as well as working for large multi-nationals in a number of sectors. Through our consultancy company, we now help others to fill gaps in their skill base to coach and develop what they need. We also provide short-term support when an extra pair of hands is needed for a particular task.

We can support any business sector with general business principles but have specialist knowledge in the travel industry and supply chain/logistics.

As a small business entrepreneur, it is essential to be a “jack of all trades”. You must be able to turn your hand to anything the business might need. Our aim is to help small companies up their game to grow their business skills in-house and solve problems in a practical way. Every challenge has a solution and we take a practical approach to working out the best one for you. Our small business coaching and support can take whatever form is right you for.

Real World Solutions …..

We don’t come up with airy-fairy ideas straight out of a consulting manual. Our principles are based on solid operational experience and what you can actually DO to get where you want to be or to solve your immediate problem.

We have personally worked in the following areas of management …

  • Business administration, compliance, company set-up
  • Business plans and strategy, business development
  • Finance and accounting, cost analysis, budgeting, financial systems
  • Systems design and technical support – office systems and cloud based business applications, requirements analysis, software evaluation and selection
  • Sales and marketing, digital marketing
  • Website design and creation, hosting services
  • Operational management
  • Crisis management
  • Project management
  • Contract negotiation
  • Training programme design and delivery
  • Business process redesign
  • Manuals, procedures and business practices
  • Specific travel industry issues – such as bonding, TOMS VAT, passenger operations, transport planning, seasonal resource planning, legal compliance
  • Doing business in France
  • Translations – English, French, Dutch, German
  • Cross border logistics including VAT and duty
  • Worldwide procurement, import and export
  • Warehouse management, stock planning and distribution
  • Excel modelling for any purpose

Depending on the technical level of the project, we can also call on a pool of specialists who we trust to deliver value for money and accurate advice where needed – for example lawyers, accountants and tax advisors in various countries.

Yacht Sales and Technical Support Services

Yacht Sales and Technical Support Services

Are you thinking about buying a new or used yacht? Or you have a project in mind for your current yacht? We’ve been there and done that several times ourselves and have helped others to do the same. Kismet Services (Bluewater) was established to help owners with anything they need in connection with their boat – our service is totally flexible and tailored to your needs.

Not everyone has the technical skills or the available time to devote to the design of new systems, or the procurement of equipment and project managing the installation work. You might know what you want to achieve but not how to get there.

Each project we undertake is individual – it could just be replacement of your electrical system or electronics – or it could be a complete renovation. We will listen to what you are aiming to achieve, come up with smart and cost-effective designs and we’ll help you buy the equipment at the best possible price. No project is too small.

Building a New Boat

If you are considering a new yacht, we work with Selene Ocean Trawlers as introducers for “bluewater” cruisers. We don’t tread on the toes of the formal dealer network which exists in some countries – but if you are planning to cruise blue water, or you don’t have a dealer in your area, then we’re here to help.

We will help you define the initial specification of your boat and we’ll liaise with the factory to get you the best price up to the point of signing your order. You don’t pay for this service at all.

Once your order is placed, your contract is direct with the factory and you can take over from that point onwards if you wish. However, we can also continue to work for you on a chargeable basis to project manage your build process – helping you to develop the detailed specifications and liaising with the yard. We can also procure specialised equipment and we can visit the yard at relevant points to check on the progress of your boat and check quality.

Every owner is different – in what they need, as well as how much time and money they can devote to their project. Our rates are realistic – we don’t work for the super-yacht owners, we’re working for normal people with normal budgets and we can tailor our work to suit you.