Website and Blog Design, Development and Hosting

Do you want to create a cost effective website for your business but don’t know where to start? Does your site need an overhaul or upgrade? Do you want to create a personal blog or a site for your boat? We can provide you with a cost effective website solution at a fraction of the cost of digital marketing agencies! We can design you a logo, set up your site, give you email and hosting services at cost effective prices. Our managed hosting service looks after the technical requirements and keeps your site running. We create graphics for your site or other offline purposes.

We design to your taste – you choose how you want your site to look and what “gadgets” you want to use. You choose your colour schemes and the general look you like – from a simple one page site for a small company, to a multi-page site or a newsy looking blog. We can also add integration to other cloud applications if you need them. This could include set up of card processing, online reservation systems for travel businesses, appointment bookings, online shop, email marketing, customer management systems, contact lists, online chat – whatever you or your small business needs.

In addition to a cost effective website, VBC also provides a full back-office service. Do you need smart email services? Don’t have a clue about site security? Cloud storage of all your documents so you can access them wherever you are? Telephone systems which follow you wherever you go? If you think your business can’t afford all the tools to run your company in the cloud, then think again!

Just a few of the many services Virgo Business Consulting provides to small businesses, boats and individuals …..